Tea Time

Peppermint Tea is a cool, refreshing tea with a rich minty flavor and is naturally caffeine free. It is used for a variety of reasons that include weight loss, stress relief...

relaxing muscles, and is very good for digestion.

White tea is gearing up to replace green tea as the ultimate health brew. While both beverages contain cancer fighting antioxidants called poly-phenols, the leaves and buds used to make white tea undergo less processing than green tea leaves and as a result retain more antioxidant power. Studies have also found that white tea extract may help fight some common bacterial infections, including strep and staph.

Ginger Twist Herbal Tea is a spicy blend of zesty ginger root, cardamom and warming oolong tea. This tea will help boost your metabolism and it is a great jump start for your day.

Sipping these fine teas infused with your favorite herbs, fruits, and natural sweetener is just that little ah moment that induces a quiet remiss.

These fresh teas maybe served hot or iced.