Forever Young

“So you forgot where you put your keys?” You forgot when you were 20, 30, 40, and 50; so what difference does it need to find them now just like you did then.

The challenges we have experienced along the way are now our stepping stones; a path from the past. Although we can’t turn back the hands of time, we can champion the moment with life’s experiences of yesteryear's.

Growing up we took vitamins, this is not a new trend; just an eclipse of what it took then to develop us, it takes today to keep us.

Just like you had to ask for help growing up, it’s okay to ask in your seasoned years; help never changes, it’s the same at any age.

In your early years when you broke a leg, whether running a touchdown on the field or performing a cheer on the pep squad; the doctors put you back together and made a cast designed just for you. If it happens again, your healthcare provider will have you put back together all over again.

Over the years you’ve mastered a disappointment or two, you’ve had to shed a tear or two, and you’ve had a sleepless night or two; that’s life at any age.

As you enter into the hall of fame in your senior years be resilient; find your keys, take your vitamins, ask for help, and see your doctor as needed.

Live Life Well!